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Virtual Tours.

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is the next big thing in media technology, developed to allow a viewer to discover and explore a full-colour 360-degree simulation of an existing location. With a simple click of the mouse, viewers can easily change the direction of view in the same way as if they stood looking around in a given position, creating a sense of movement and fluidity. Created using a sequence of high-quality images and videos, a virtual tour fully immerses the viewer in the space to give them a lifelike experience as if they were actually at that location.

The above Virtual Tour was created in Kings Park in 2015. Just click on the image to start exploring!

What is included in a virtual tour?

A virtual tour interweaves interactive multimedia elements such as video, sounds or pictures to intensify the viewer’s’ experience and add vividness to the whole scene. Being fully customisable, a virtual tour can include navigation buttons, menus, maps and floor plans, pop-up information windows to reveal even more detail and content. With all this detail and data available to a viewer, their experience is unique, different and exciting each time they take the tour!

A virtual tour can depict credible geographic 360-degree content in the same way as a video tour but it is the interactive elements that transforms a virtual tour into such a sensational product. Whereas the audience can sit back and enjoy viewing a video tour, with a virtual tour the audience fully experience a location, service or product without actually being present. Give them something to remember!


A virtual tour can be experienced by anyone at any time, meaning that geographical and time zone barriers are not an issue for someone wanting to learn about your business. People who contact your organisation after experiencing your virtual tour will be better informed and may feel that they already have a relationship with your products and services.

Developing a virtual tour is not only rewarding but it can also offer a good return on your marketing investment. A virtual tour will make you stand out from the crowd and demonstrates that your organisation is willing to harness new ways of using technology and enjoys thinking creatively.

Including a virtual tour on your website will provide additional exposure, traffic and referrals.


The foundation of our virtual tours is the high quality of our filming and photography. Our photographers understand this new medium and shoot with user interaction and experience in mind. Whether you need a single video or an interconnected series of shots to cover your business, we can deliver the experience you need to impress your clients.
Alternatively, our local council video tour service shows members of the community what services and opportunities are available to them.
Have a look at our Portfolio for examples, or go straight to the Serpentine Jarrahdale Website to see how we helped a local council promote their facilities

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