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Red Empire Media are experts in timelapse videos, having used this technology to enhance our productions for over 15 years. More recently we have been pushing the boundaries with technology, enabling us to create mind-blowing vision.

timelapse videos

Construction Timelapse

A Construction or Mining timelapse video is a dynamic and exciting way to showcase the progress and scale of projects.

Cameras are set up to take photographs from a mounted position, giving a 100° overview of the environment. A user-friendly software system allows our team and our clients to receive updates and view photos instantly. The settings and frequency of the timelapse can be adjusted remotely in order to capture special events in detail. The camera housing is fully weather-proofed and solar-powered, meaning we can reliably capture photos day and night, rain or shine.

Australia’s First-Ever Aerial Timelapse of a Major Demolition Project

Check out our stunning aerial timelapse in our recent collaboration with Development WA, where we documented the redevelopment of the Subi Oval and the demolition of the Princess Margaret Hospital as part of their Subi East project.

Safety and Surveillance

Timelapse cameras are able to consistently record high-resolution images, therefore they are favoured in many mining and construction industries as an additional surveillance and safety tool. Where CCTV imagery can lack in quality, timelapse technology records detailed photos over long periods of time, giving clients added peace of mind.

A Multifaceted Way To Promote Your Project

A timelapse video is an impressive medium to communicate developments to stakeholders and potential clients and to market your project. Red Empire Media can create a stand-alone timelapse video for you, or use them in combination with other footage such as drone footage and graphics to create extra compelling content. While these videos are typically used to document mining and construction industry projects, the possibilities are endless! If you want to make use of our expertise in this amazing technology, get in touch with us today!
We are currently undertaking a second aerial timelapse of the Princess Margaret Hospital site, and you can follow these updates through the Development WA website here:

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The Sky is No Longer The Limit


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