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The Kwinana Big Battery is an exciting project being undertaken by Synergy that will address the disparity between the supply and demand for renewable power. We created this animated video that explains why we need the battery and how it will help WA progress toward a more sustainable future.

The 100-megawatt battery will be able to store excess energy created and use it to power up to 160,000 homes for 2 hours daily. Construction will take around 8 weeks total, and the battery will be fully operational by the end of the year.

Our animation process began with creating the graphics and storyboards, and once these were approved, our animator began working on the finalised concept. The animation includes a split-screen visual to help illustrate the positive impact the battery will have on WA’s power supply, an animated intro and outro graphic to introduce the 2D animation, and a map graphic showing the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). The video edit also includes music, sound effects and a voiceover throughout the video that helps break down the big battery concept. 

The Synergy team were really pleased with the final product, and we loved learning about about this milestone initiative happening in WA.

We are excited to add another brilliant animation project to our showreel. Watch the full video below: