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Following the Big Battery animation project, we once again collaborated with Synergy – this time to animate the deconstruction of the Kwinana Power Station. After the closure of the power site in 2015, the Kwinana Rehabilitation Project was formed with the aim of remediating the retired areas of the site. 

Synergy required a short animation that would outline the demolition plan for the public. Red Empire Media created a sleek animation that takes viewers through the steps that will be undertaken in the demolition, including challenging aspects like the removal of a huge 189-metre chimney stack (for comparison, the CBD’s Bank West building is 214 metres tall). 

In pre-production, our team documented the power site with drone photo and videography, which we then translated into a storyboard. Once the storyboard images were approved, we created a stylised animation that details the demolition phases occurring over the next three years. 

We enjoyed working on another exciting animation with Synergy and learning more about this ambitious project.

View the full animation below: