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Westref is a family-owned, global manufacturer of high-quality flux, crucibles, and custom designed laboratory equipment for fire assay. 

We have a long-standing history with Westref, formerly known as Western Refractories. Back in 2006, Graham McGregor employed Red Empire Media, and since then his son, Jimmy McGregor, is now the managing director of Westref.
Based in the eastern suburns of Perth, they have since expanded their services to provide their products internationally, with clients from the US, all the way to Ethiopia.

The most recent video we have created for Westref promotes their new custom-made flux dispensing system, explains how it is used and the benefits of the new model.
We also animated their logo since they have recently rebranded. This can be viewed at the beginning of the video.

Red Empire Media values the relationship that we have with all of our clients and are especially humbled when they return a few years down the track looking for another high-quality video!