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Earlier this year in March, we spent a day with the team at the International Space Centre at UWA, filming a video to promote the various objectives and sectors within the initiative. The ISC’s core focuses include developing space research capacity, creating new education opportunities, enabling engagement with the industry and government and inspiring the public through space. 

The Red Empire Team interviews Dr Lies Notebaert at the International Space Centre

Facilitated by and hosted at UWA, the ISC’s multi-disciplinary team includes more than 100 researchers and students and 25 different research nodes. The organisation covers research areas across various topics, including space communications, remote sensing, astronomy, situational awareness, variable gravity, biology, medicine, information technology, space-focused humanities and arts, propulsion and cryogenics, space materials and mining, and off-earth civil engineering. 

Danail Obreschkow, Head of the International Space Centre 

We interviewed some of the ISC’s critical project facilitators and researchers, including the head of the ISC, Danail Obreschkow, psychologist Dr Lies Notebaert, Professor Harvey Millar, Professor Erika Techera, Dr Sascha Schediwy, and UWA Aerospace member Christopher Geordas. This introductory video highlights the areas of psychology and mental wellbeing in space, biology and plant growth in space, social sciences including space and satellite law, and communication between ground and space.

Recording the interview with Danail Obreschkow at UWA

Despite the number of interviews and the overlay footage required, we completed all required filming and photography within one day. We enjoyed learning more about all the initiatives the International Space Centre are undertaking and had a lot of fun making this inspiring video.

Watch the full video here.