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A Journey Towards Clean Fuels

Red Empire Media is excited to collaborate with Bp and Ausdecom in capturing the demolition and site preparation of the former Kwinana oil refinery. This undertaking aims to pave the way for future advancements in clean and renewable fuels.

The ongoing demolition and recycling efforts are being performed by Ausdecom who also perform decommissioning, environmental remediation and waste management services. The Kwinana Energy Hub, located in Western Australia, will be refurbished into a facility which will play a vital role in producing environmentally friendly aviation fuel and biodiesel.

Red Empire Media produced this video recently to show the changes made so far, and we will commence work on the hyperlapse portion of the video soon, so stay tuned for more!
To learn more about our Hyperlapse work, including the demolition of Subiaco Oval, please check out this link.

One of the Kwinana oil refinery towers going down.